The Hidden Spirit - how it all started!


In May 2018 three friends talked about their dream to form a band that creates some meaningful music. Mark and Marcus found Jendrik to form the trio "Majema". The birth of a band that still wasn’t complete.

The missing ingredient was the vocal piece. But vocalists are rare and hence it took a while until Markus “The Mountie” was recommended to the three by Heiko from B.S.T.

The musical fit was apparent the first rehearsal and the three are four from now on.

In various sessions the band rapidly established three songs and the songwriting machine was running. By the end of the year - a band name was still pending - the four had written five face melting songs non of them sounding like the other.

The furious mix of Mark’s melodic riffs and Marcus’ driving basslines joined by Jendrik’s hammering drums carried Markus’ voice and thrilled the four to carry on and on.

In 2019 the cry for the next evolutionary step - live gigs - came overpowering and a band name had to be found. After thorough brainstorming - presumably with the guiding hand of gallons of beer and Gin Tonic - "The Hidden Spirit" emerged and stands as proud trademark ever since.

And this is how "The Hidden Spirit" became the new pearl in the bunker shell.